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Delores N.

                                Personal Note

Diego did a fantastic job, He is very knowledgable and patient. Thank you all very much. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. And will definitely do business with you on all future projects. 

John M.

                                Personal Note

I wanted to let you know the patio cover was installed timely and professionally. Jackie Richardson was on top of the project from project delivery thru final, clean up. He kept me appraised of the schedule, called to let me know when he was headed to the project and before he left for the day he gave me a "tour" of what was completed and what was scheduled for the next day. If there was an issue or whether to do A or B he would ask me what I preferred. Most of the time I deferred to his judgement and the outcome was perfect. Simply put, Jackie completed the project timely with quality, workmanship, and was professional in all aspects of the project. 

Paul O.

                                Personal Note

Last week the construction of our beautiful patio cover finished and I'm personally extremely impressed with the quality and speed of work, as well as the professionalism that Jackie and his crew has demonstrated. Upon arrival Jackie explained his understanding of the project and made sure we are synchronized before any work started. In this process, Jackie quickly figured out that I don't speak the "patio language" and dumbed it down to make sure I understood. His crew was very professional and friendly, as well as thorough.

Maggie K.

                                Personal Note

Merry Christmas! Thanks to Value Builders we have our Christmas tree in our new sunroom this year. We love our sunroom. Thanks for the great building job and nice customer service. 

Anjali P.

I would like to compliment Jackie and Mason for the excellent work that they did at our house. Our patio cover looks beautiful and the workmanship is excellent. On both days, Jackie and Mason were here on time, they worked very hard all day and paid attention to detail with all the work.  They communicated well, provided me information to make the small onsite decisions and were very helpful in adapting to the site to ensure that everything worked out just right.  They left the job site clean and tidy.  I would be happy to have them do more work. 

Rachel D. 

From start to finish, they were very efficient, had great communication and great quality and beautiful product. Bernadette was so kind and kept me informed throughout the process, making it easy and worry free. I would definitely recommend to family and friends. 

Luna M.

I am very happy to work with Dan at this special time. I signed a contract with them in February, but Covid-19 stopped everything, Dan quickly stared our project when the government announced that it could resume work. The whole team is very professional and friendly. Finally, my sunroom was built, better than I expected. The building materials are very good and there is no temperature difference. Thanks again to Dan and his team Mick, Ricky, and Everado. 

Don T. 

                                Personal Note

Thanks so much for the excellent service. We are looking forward to many hours of enjoyment under our new patio cover. 

Nick H. 

We looked around for someone to build a patio cover for us. We didn't know exactly what we wanted, but when we got to go to Value Builders office and had a design session with Fermin, it was super helpful and we knew what we wanted to do! From there coordinating with Dan and the rest of the build team was super easy! Jackie and his team built our patio cover and did a super job with it. The group as a whole was extremely professional from start to end, answering all our question and responding back in a timely manner, We never felt like we were being sold anything, they listened to what we were thinking, offered suggestions, and made us comfortable throughout the whole process! We would highly recommend them to anyone! You don't have to consider anything else, just work with Value Builders! 

Nicole P.

So glad we came across this company during our searches for a pergola. Many quotes came in higher & didn't offer the terrific warranty they do here. Initially we were quoted about 6-8 weeks but they were able to get us in much sooner. We first just hired them for an open pergola on the side of our home. After looking into updating our covered patio area, we also went ahead & contacted Marco who was able to accommodate our time frame & budget. They were able to get both areas done within a few days. The installers were very efficient & tidy. Definitely would not hesitate contacting them again for other work. Professionalism all the way!

Darrel B. 

A great company to do business with! They built a custom Patio Cover for my home in Fremont that required special design work. They took the time with my existing overhanging Tile Roof. 

From their first visit to the last day of the installation everyone I had contact with was doing their best to be sure we were satisfied with the end result. 

I would recommend Patio Covers galore and their installers to anyone looking for quality work. 

Pravin C.  

We're very happy with the way our sunroom has come out. After some unexpected (and to be honest, unavoidable) delays initially, once all the HOA and city approvals were in place, the construction took less than a month, The quality of work, especially by Diego, was exceptional. He was very professional and took personal interest in finishing the project and ensuring high quality. Diego - you are a sunroom-superstar! All said, I highly recommend their sunrooms. 

Lorena F.

We love our sunroom! They make great products, We enjoyed working with the team. If you need a patio cover or sunroom I highly recommend you give them a call as they are the best in the Bay Area, CA.

Sara W.

Living in San Carlos, CA the weather can be up and down, One day is raining, the next its hotter than an over. I've always wanted a place where I could relax under the dun to watch the rain at night without having to deal with all the elements of nature This is why I choose to do a sunroom addition in my back yard, A lot of people don't really understand how these are built and how they attach to your house, but they truly are an addition to the home. I spend more time in my sunrrom than in any other room in the house. I found them on yelp and messaged them there initially. They were very friendly and had me look at their amazing sunroom and patio covers on their facebook and website, It took me a while to decide on the type because they have so many options which is good. Over all we have a great experience with them, They were extremely responsive to our emails and text, The builders showed up on time and did a good job, Our sunroom is a 20 x 18 room attached to the backyard sliding door, so I can walk right out of my bedroom into the sun! One thing I liked is that Diego never left a mess and always cleaned up after the job. I am San Carlos, CA so if you are living in San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, the South Bay or the East Bay contact them! 

Kathy O.

If you are in the market for a new sunroom or patio cover in the Bay Area I suggest you consider them. We live in the East Bay and weather tends to get pretty hot compared to other areas of the Bay so a sunroom was a perfect addition to our home. We got an insulated roof with a fan to keep us cool. The build process was great only took about a week from start to finish. Dennis the owner followed through with his promise and provided us with an excellent team of builders. I can rest easy knowing that we have the best and at a great price. Plus having a life time warranty on materials and labor for a construction product is pretty much unheard of around these parts. We are thinking about including a patio cover over side yard and would not hesitate to use them again. Hope this was helpful.

Steven H.

We had an older wooden patio cover removed and a new aluminum one installed. They worked with us on timing of the project as we had to have the old one removed then new windows and patio doors before the new cover could be installed. When we were ready they had the materials delivered and started right away. 
We added lights and electrical outlets to it and we were very happy with they way it came out. 

Amanda L. 

A great company to work with! We highly recommend the company for your sunroom and patio cover project. They have great prices, an excellent product, and awesome service from start to finish. 

Pavan K.

                                Personal Note

We will definitely review and recommend you to all our friends and family. We are excited and this is our favorite room in the house.

Truly some professional workmanship with the entire team Diego/Dan/Ash/Jennifer/Jeraldo. Thank you everyone.

John M. 

We  are enjoying our patio cover so much that we sit outside for at least 90 minutes, enough for three cocktails.

Allan K.

My wife and Sotheby's Realtor that works mainly on the peninsula with a focus on Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto, Atherton, and Woodside has clients that she will be referring to your organization. She has been sending pics of our new patio to her clients that need outside renovation work - which I think is unique and really beautiful.

Smith B.

The build is coming along nicely. The details are difficult to visualize on the drawings so it is nice to see the materials that construct it all. Jackie and the team communicate well and keep me updated along the way. 

Elgee K. 

We want to thank the Value Builders team for making our dream sunroom come true. From ocular inspection, drawing plans, coordinating, and everyone involved in the installation rocks! Professionally done! We will be recommending Value Builders to all of our friends. Job well done!

Heather H. 

The build is going fine. Jackie and Mason are really great - how they are putting it all together is amazing! It's a lot of measuring and cutting, and somehow, they are figuring it all out. On top of being so knowledgeable, they are very nice and polite. I wanted to let you know that we are very happy with them, so kudos to the team for all that you have done. We are so very excited to see the structure complete. It's looking really good!

Jasmin L. 

Our pergola looks amazing! Jackie and Mason did an excellent job. They really took extra time to make sure everything was tight and working, and we couldn't be happier. Thanks to all of you for pulling this together. 

Momo S. 

We're very happy with how our deck cover is looking. Although initially we were a bit frustrated with the long wait, now we can see it was worth the wait. Jackie and his team are doing an excellent job and we really appreciate their professionalism and courteous behavior. We also want to thank you and the team for keeping us updated throughout the project.

Ira K. 

Jackie Richardson finished the instillation of my sunroof today and it looks great. It may be hard to please an Architect with 55+ years in the building business but he did. When he arrived I described the minimum overhand that I wanted and he followed thru perfectly. I will certainly recommend your project and team when clients ask me to garden structures. 

Ethan I. 

Jackie Richardson finished the instillation of my sunroof today and it looks great. It may be hard to please an Architect with 55+ years in the building business but he did. When he arrived I described the minimum overhand that I wanted and he followed thru perfectly. I will certainly recommend your project and team when clients ask me to garden structures. The structure is complete and we're super excited about it. Jackie, Freddie, and Mason were great to work with, super accommodating for our needs, and very talented at what they do. The structure is phenomenal and we couldn't be happier. Thanks for everything. 

Angela B. 

Reaching out to let you know how great Jackie is doing. He has done great work and is so clean and organized, something I haven't always seen with construction guys. The patio cover is looking great. Looking forward to the finished product. 

Kitty C.

Our sunroom is done! Mickey came by Wednesday and Thursday and finished the flooring. I want to mention both Mickey and Jackie were a pleasure to work with. There were no issues and they were very patient in answering all our questions. They kept our space clean and made sure we were aware of areas that may be hazardous. We really enjoy working wiht them! 

Priscilla H.

Jackie did such a great job and was a real pleasure to work with. He always called or texted to let me know when he was heading over and was very flexible if I had to be gone for a bit. He was careful where he parked. He consistently left the worksite clean and orderly. He was very particular about the work; when the columns arrived he repositioned the downspout so it would be out of site from most vantage points from people coming out on the patio. It made a big difference in keeping the patio cover and  supports clean looking, and required some jiggering to accomplish but everything was 'no problem'. He really worked on the columns and the fiberglass moldings at top and bottom so they fit securely with no gaps. He is a very nice gentleman, and just a gem; his co workers were also pleasant and respectful. 

I appreciate so much that Value Builders was committed to keeping to the original contract cost given the unprecedented issues arriving from COVID, labor shortages, and supply chain issues. 

I love the patio cover and everyone is impressed with it, it is beautiful and I know it will significantly reduce the heat on the main floor in summer, in addition to providing some privacy. 

Shout out to Bernadette too for her patience answering my questions, doing the research necessary (wind speeds in Fiarfield!), and generally keeping me updated. Thanks again to Jackie, Bernadette, Dan, and the whole Value Builders crew.

Ramani L. 

I wanted to give a shout out to Jackie and team fro an excellent job. They were meticulous with attention to detail, cleaned up at the end of each day and gave me updates as needed. Jackie was very respectful of my time and how he worked around my preferences. Overall the work speaks for itself. 

Pradeep D. 

I just want to send a note that Jackie and his team have been phenomenal, one of the best teams that I've seen through. You guys truly have the best!! 

Beth C. 

                                Personal Note

Our outdoor space is finally being utilized thanks to Value Builders! From my initial email, Dan Crisp was prompt and proactive. The Palmiye Skyroof Prestige is what we decided on and are so happy. In San Francisco, having full environmental control is essential. To have louvers that collapse and open with the touch of a button on the remote control, as well as, controlling the perimeter lighting makes our exterior space feel like a private club. We are so glad we have a private membership! The integrated water system is pretty cool too! The entire Value Builders crew, from the office to onsite - were exceptional. Thanks to Dan, Bernadette, Jennifer, Stefano, Mickey, David and anyone else I may of missed. And thank you for practicing safe Covid-19 protocols and guidelines.